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Höxter is the easternmost city of North Rhine-Westphalia and is located in the upper Weser valley forests in the so-called upper country on the eastern edge of the Park Teutoburg Forest / Eggegebirge. The easternmost point of land located in the district of steels. The majority of the city lies on the western side of the Weser. On the eastern side of the Weser are the only district Lüchtringen and the Brückfeld, one of the core city of Höxter upstream river peninsula of the Weser. East of Höxter joins the already belonging to Lower Solling. At the southern edge of the city near the Godelheim Nethe flows into the Weser, in the central city of Höxter Boll Erbach, the pit and the Schelpe Albaxen and in the seam. The urban area extends north to the top of the dog's height to 496 meters. The next highest elevations of the mountain north of straw Bödexen at 394 m, the mountain southwest of the core Krekeler Hoexter at 368 m and the Scheel mountain south of m. with Bosseborn 346 .

The nearest cities are Paderborn (about 45 km west), Bielefeld (northwest about 65 km), Hannover (about 70 km north), Göttingen (45 km southeast) and Kassel (about 50 km south).

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On the map of Germany we are there ...

Aachen: 302 km
Berlin: 360 km
Bonn: 268 km
Bremen: 214 km
Dortmund: 164 km
Düsseldorf: 228 km
Dresden: 440 km
Erfurt: 270 km
Frankfurt a.M.: 269 km
Göttingen: 71 km
Hamburg: 242 km
Hannover: 87 km
Holzminden: 2 km
Kassel: 66 km
Kiel: 337 km
Köln: 242 km
Konstanz: 615 km
Magdeburg: 218 km
Mainz: 298 km
Mannheim: 342 km
München: 557 km
Nürnberg: 386 km
Osnabrück: 180 km
Paderborn: 55 km
Rostock: 433 km
Schwerin: 343 km
Stuttgart: 445 km

This distance information has been researched with great care, but it can not 100% vouch for the accuracy, since it has a route planner, stating the "fastest route" was created. But this list is supposed to offer even a rough indication.

Travel by train

If you arrive by train, you get behind the banner of all the information you need for a safe journey to us. As target station please enter 37603 Holzminden, and we can assist you in advance with our convenient shuttle service pick up from there.

German rail travel information
German rail travel information

Getting there by plane

Information on the two nearby airports do you get when you click the banner

To the Airport Paderborn-Lippstadt
Paderborn-Lippstadt ~59km
To the Airport Hannover
Hannover Airport ~97km